Stand-alone Sequencing with a
DMX32USB-xx Controller as Standard!

You choose. You edit. You download.

You can now turn your SpriteDrive DMX32USB-xx controller into a stand-alone sequencer!

This new operating mode requires no DMX input, which makes it ideal for sign lighting, colour washes on buildings and many other architectural lighting applications.

Users can download their own sequences via the USB connection using the SpriteDrive Configuration Utility. The sequence is then stored in flash memory. When the unit is switched on it automatically runs the sequence, controlling 32 channels of low voltage lighting, continuously playing back the loaded sequence!

If you need to change the sequence simply download another one.

The sequences are full PWM – not just flashing on/off.

Since there are 32 outputs you can arrange 30 of them as RGB so
giving 10 independent but synchronized full colour triplets.

Sample sequence files are installed with the SpriteDrive Configuration Utility. These have been designed for 10 groups of RGB to be controlled by the DMX32USB-xx, where channel 1 is red, channel 2 is green, channel 3 is blue and so on. (Note that channels 31 and 32 are not used by the sample sequences).

Ultimate flexibility - the SpriteDrive Configuration Utility can be used to
change the DMX32USB-xx back to a DMX controller at any time.

You can create your own custom sequence files using the SpriteDrive Sequence Converter,
which converts a comma separated file (*.CSV) into a sequence file (*.SEQ).

Custom sequences can have as many as 7695 steps, each with a delay time ranging from 12 milliseconds to 3.06 seconds! Once the end of the sequence is reached it loops back to the beginning. This means that the sequence loop time can be anything from a few hundred milliseconds to more than six and a half hours!!!

Your custom sequence can be exactly that - custom to your application!

You can have smooth changing colours as well as complex sequences of rapidly changing lights,
or perhaps a mix of both - the options are virtually endless!

Read the SpriteDrive Sequence Converter User’s Guide (available on the Downloads page) to
find out more about creating custom sequences.

One last thing:
This feature is now standard on all DMX32USB-xx controllers and there’s no price increase.
All the software utilities are provided for free on our Downloads page.


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