DMX32USB-12/24/48 Demultiplexer & Driver

Key Features:

  • 32 output channels
  • Capable of delivering up to 1.25A per channel
  • Variable channel brightness (256 discrete levels)
  • Industry standard 5-pin XLR DMX-512 input and output
  • USB to DMX built-in, no need for additional dongle
  • Switchable termination for DMX
  • DIP switch selection for DMX base channel
  • Ability to operate as a stand-alone sequencer with 496KB of flash memory
  • Built-in test mode
  • Utilizes 32-bit microprocessor technology
  • Available in 3 voltage versions: 12V, 24V & 48V

The SpriteDrive DMX32USB-xx is capable of driving 32 channels of low-voltage lighting, each channel with independent variable brightness.

Typically used to control entertainment or architectural lighting applications, such as indoor and outdoor lighting, colour washes or sequenced effects, the DMX32USB-xx can drive a wide range of luminaries or LEDs.

Up to sixteen DMX32USB-xx units can be linked together using the on-board XLR plug and socket to provide a maximum of 512 separate channels.  Further channels can be added using separate DMX sources (universes).

The DMX32USB controller can operate as a stand-alone sequencer requiring no DMX input signal. Custom sequence files can be loaded into the flash memory of the device using the configuration utility and then played back continuously by the controller.

The USB interface is based on the popular FTDI FT232BM chip and provides a USB to DMX interface, eliminating the need for a separate USB dongle.

Each of the 32 outputs has inherent overload protection through use of an automatic resetting thermal fuse.

Price: 245.00 (excluding VAT where applicable)

Order Codes:
DMX32USB-12 (12V version)
DMX32USB-24 (24V version)
DMX32USB-48 (48V version)

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Because of the various loads that can be driven by the DMX32USB-xx, a separate power supply must be selected to suit the total load.


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